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    Cataya Bio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a product company powered by an advanced engineering biology platform and biomanufacturing. We engineer microbes and develop clean fermentation processes to manufacture products of high purity, at low cost, and in a sustainable way. We strive to help the world to transition away from petroleum and address important global issues in environmental preservation, carbon emission and climate change.

    With our mission in mind, we founded the company in September 2021. We are located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park with operations in Japan and US. We are a highly experienced team with our founders having a combined 40+ years of industrial experience in developing bio-based products. We are building an end-to-end business going from technology development to manufacturing and commercialization.
Board members

Our board is comprised of dynamic and experienced leaders who embody the mission, guide the growth and shape the future of Cataya.

Dr. Lishan Zhao has over two decades of experience in engineering biology and a proven track record of developing and commercializing bio-based technologies and products. Prior to founding Cataya, Dr. Zhao served as Vice President of Research and Development at Amyris from 2008 to 2021. During his tenure there, he helped develop a world-class synthetic biology platform and bring more than ten products from lab to market. He also led a successful effort in building its business in China. Before joining Amyris, Dr. Zhao worked at Diversa Corp, where he discovered and engineered enzymes for various industrial applications. Dr. Zhao holds a BS and a MS in chemistry from Fudan University, Shanghai, and a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
Our focus

Our Technology--the engine for new products

We have established core capabilities in areas including strain engineering, enzyme engineering, miniaturized fermentation and data sciences to address current bottlenecks in engineering biology R&D.

Our Manufacturing--the path to sustainability

We are building top-notch manufacturing facilities to rapidly scale up products in China and leveraging its best manufacturing infrastructure in the world for cost advantages.

Our Products--the way to impacts

We have a diverse pipeline of products targeting three highly growing markets - Personal Care, Food & Nutrition and Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

What Differentiates US

End-to-end capabilities

  • A highly efficient engineering biology platform
  • First-class scale-up capability

A global company

  • A talented team with global experience, resources and view
  • Partners and customers in Asia, Europe and US

Direct access to the largest market

  • The largest and fastest-growing market in the world
  • Deep roots, wide network and cost advantage

Our values

We care
We collaborate
We can be trusted
We strive to be the best
We hold ourselves accountable
Job openings
Job openings
Job Description
1. Responsible for the process development of microbial fermentation projects, including experiment design, data analysis, result reporting, etc.;
2. Responsible for the pilot process optimization and pilot scale up of fermentation projects;
3. Responsible for day-to-day work scheduling of lab technicians, the use and maintenance of fermentation equipment, etc.;
4. Participate in building and enhancing the fermentation platform.
Job requirements

1. Master’ degree or above in bioengineering, microbiology, biochemistry or fermentation engineering;
2. 3+ years of experience in microbial fermentation process development;
3. Solid understanding of theoretical concepts, familiar with fermentation process control theory, familiar with multi-parameter analysis and optimization based on central metabolism and specific productivity;
4. Familiar with the structure and usage of different size of fermenters (from small to pilot scale);
5. Good at Chinese and English literature review, have good scientific research ability, can work under pressure;
6. Good communication and collaboration skills;

7. Good oral and writing skills in English.

If interested, please contact hr@cataya.com.

Job Description

1. Design and execute experiments and work plan as required by project scope, milestones and timeline; develop and guide multiple lines of investigation;
2. Develop methods and tools related to strain engineering;
3. Apply metabolic engineering and synthetic biology principles to solve problems in the engineering of highly efficient microbial strains. May serve in a technical leadership capacity;
4. Collaborate closely with analytics, high-throughput screening, fermentation, and DSP groups to drive project to success;
5. Manage research associates and other junior members of the project. Guide and oversee their work in the project and support their professional development;
6. Summarize and present results of project/lab activities at internal or external meetings;
7. Contribute to the company’s intellectual property portfolio and scientific publications.

Job requirements

1. Highly self-motivated, strong desire to succeed, and a collaborative and innovative mindset;
2. Ph.D. in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry or related fields, industrial experience in strain engineering is preferred;
3. Proven experiences in strain engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae demonstrated by publications and previously completed projects and/or developed products;
4. Extensive experience with CRISPR/Cas9 technology in S. cerevisiae and deep understanding of yeast genetics and physiology is highly preferred;
5. Excellent interpersonal, organizational, analytical and troubleshooting skills;
6. Strong communication skill for technical alignment with internal/external project partners;
7. Knowledge in fermentation, downstream process as well as analytical chemistry is a plus;
8. Prior experience leading project or team in industry is a plus.

If interested, please contact hr@cataya.com.